Gourmet Experiences

From artisanal bakeries crafting mouth watering pastries to local farmers’ markets offering fresh, organic produce, our community is a haven for food enthusiasts. Whether it’s savoring the rich flavors of a farm-to-table restaurant or exploring the diverse world of street food vendors, we’re blessed to have a cornucopia of gourmet experiences just waiting to be savored. These local culinary gems not only tantalize our taste buds but also celebrate the essence of our region, making dining an enriching and delightful journey within arm’s reach.

Saskia Fine Dining

Recline amid modern versions of traditional paintings by Rembrandt while indulging in the Executive chef’s fusions of traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Every item on our menu is a work of exquisite culinary art and is spectacularly mouth-watering. Our extensive knowledge of food and wine pairing will astound even the most accomplished foodies and make for some interesting dinner conversation. Every item on our menu is a work of culinary art and is spectacularly mouth-watering. Our impeccable service is just another reason to choose Saskia restaurant above any other.

34 South Market

Waterside restaurant, wineshop, bakery, deli, sweet shop, retail store, and much, much more.

Not exactly a bar… Definitely not a deli… well, not exactly a deli… It’s an eating place. A drinking place. To enjoy yourself… See you there!

Our kitchens are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and supper, and for sushi, oysters, and Mediterranean, Mexican, and Thai cuisine (amongst others!). Our retail section is overflowing with clothing, gifts and accessories, imported sweets, luxury groceries, and ready-cooked meals. Our wine shop is stocked with table wines and rare and precious wines for every ocassion. And our bakery will make you go – aaaah, yes, please, I’ll have one of those! – every time you walk into our store.

The Drydock Food Co

The lagoon side restaurant is situated on the water’s edge in the picturesque town of Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa.

From intimate lunches and dinners to large groups and tour groups, we have two separate floors to accommodate your every need.

We offer a mouth-watering array of the freshest seafood, tempting salads, sushi, fusion cuisine and sinful desserts. Complementing this, you’ll find a range of the finest local and imported wines, beers and spirits.

Take your time over a cocktail as you watch the sun sink slowly over Knysna’s tranquil lagoon.